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Early Childhood Education Program TechTYKES Launches in September

Technology is being integrated into early childhood education programs as research on childhood learning and development becomes stronger. The YWCA of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania will launch a Pre-K program, TechTYKES, this September with a traditional preschool curriculum and large focus on technology.

According to TRIBLive, the typical lessons at TechTykes will be supplemented with high-tech activities. After teaching the students the basics of how to use their tablets in the early weeks, they will make videos on them and even use them to video call classrooms around the world. The program will use SMART tables, laptops, and tablets.

TechTYKES outlines their goals on their website:

“To invite exploration and discovery using traditional preschool materials as well as, today’s modern technology tools; to expand the students’ world of technology materials allowing them to have the knowledge to use these items safely in the preschool environment and beyond.”

TechTYKES could revolutionize early childhood education with a digital-age focus. The program will start small with only eight students in hopes of expanding. Eligible children must be 5 years of age by September 2. TechTYKES is 9 months long and will meet three times a week.

Hannah Flynn

Hannah Flynn

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