EdTech Innovators: Interview with Dave Meyers, CEO of TeachersConnect (Podcast)

From the very first day that we are seated in a classroom, one of the first things we learn is to raise our hands to ask the teacher a question. But who do the teachers ask for help? TeachersConnect was created to provide a resource for just that. To learn more about TeachersConnect, we interviewed founder and CEO Dave Meyers for our EdTech Innovators & Innovations series.

EdTech Innovators: Meet Dave Meyers, CEO of TeachersConnect

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About Dave Meyers
Dave Meyers is the co-founder of TeachersConnect, along with Hakan Satiroglu, Katy Tynan, and Marcel Ollmann. As CEO of TeachersConnect, Dave designs products and learning experiences that give teachers the tools and techniques to get their students engaged with even the most complex tasks. Working together with teachers in their classrooms, they craft ways to ignite their students’ natural urge to communicate their ideas and experiences–clearly and convincingly. According to Dave, he is insufferably geeky when it comes to teaching and learning. Dave taught elementary and middle school for 11 years, and has been a leader in non-profits, for-profits, lean startups, and large corporations.

EdTech Innovations: TeachersConnect with CEO Dave Meyers

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About Teachers Connect
TeachersConnect is an in-person and online network that gives new K-12 teachers a safe place to ask their most urgent questions—even the embarrassing ones—and get answers from a trusted network of peers, mentors, and experts who understand the real-world classroom challenges. TeachersConnect also enables teacher prep programs to build deep, lasting relationships with their graduates and gather the data they need to meet new standards and improve their courses swiftly and purposefully. In partnership with teacher prep programs across the country, TeachersConnect is laying the groundwork to ensure a world in which teaching is never a solo activity and “teacher prep” stays with their new-teacher alumni for as long