The Future of the Common Core State Standards

With education reform low on the totem pole of presidential debate topics, the Common Core State Standards haven’t been getting very much attention from the 2016 candidates lately.

But according to a recent Washington Post article, many voters, especially those in the education field, and those with school-age children, are wondering about the future of the Common Core. Studies have suggested that the Common Core has reached its peak and is now on a decline.

Though the Common Core is currently the leading policy in education reform, studies have shown that new standards in education generally do not produce significant improvements in student accomplishments. Tom Loveless of the Brown Center on Education Policy published his annual report on the future of today’s education standards. According to Loveless, it is on a slow decline, something that most education reform policies succumb to.

In an earlier study, Loveless predicted that the Common Core would inevitably fail. As his reports and predictions have stated, the alterations in the classroom haven’t done much in the way of student achievement.

In fact, it has been reported that the new teaching techniques inspired by the Common Core have had no effect on students between 2009 and 2015.

Loveless also listened to the case of Common Core supporters. Supporters have said that the reason behind the lack of improvement is that the endeavor is just beginning.

Their case, as summarized by Loveless, is: “Professional development, new textbooks, teaching that targets ‘deeper learning,’ and all the other accoutrements of [the new standards] take time to unfold.”

According to the California State Board of Education Chair, it will take at least until 2020 to see results.

But with the education standards labeled as “troubled” during this election cycle, there might not be that much time. Coupled with the lack of education policy discussion among presidential candidates, it’s difficult to see the Common Core surviving.

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel is an Emerson College senior Writing, Literature and Publishing student focusing on young adult fiction. When she’s not browsing bookstores, she’s blogging or jotting down ideas for new poems and stories.