MIT Launches Professional Education Program in Taiwan

MIT has started a series of regionally specific professional education courses across the world to expand its reach and benefit local communities around the world. The first course, launched in Taipei, is called “Beyond Smart Cities” and focuses on designing city living improvements, ranging from architecture to energy efficiency.

Kent Larson and Ryan C.C. Chin, both members of the MIT Media Lab Team, led the course, which was centered around living more intelligently and efficiently. Several prominent educators and business professionals from all around Taiwan outlined plans for projects that they are currently working on. Professor Daphne Yuan, who teaches at National Chenchi University, is working on creating a digital ecosystem for the elderly; Chester Ho of Taifong Partners spoke about creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs, and Lee Bo Tin of Fab Dynamics outlined the current state of urban manufacturing in the area.

MIT followed a “mind-and-hand” learning method. Students not only had the chance to hear faculty members speak; they also had the chance to actively participate in hands-on exercises that addressed city living improvement. Groups discussed issues they were passionate about, and were a mix of ages, sometimes across generations. A student participant stated, in an MIT News article, that MIT should “continue its tradition of the mind-and-hand learning model here in Taiwan.”

The MIT Professional Education department plans to keep working on city living improvement in Taiwan. They also plan to expand their “mind-and-hand” learning method programs into other parts of the world, including South Africa, Singapore, and South America.

The “Beyond Smart Cities” course that is taught at MIT’s main campus is currently taking applications. The course will take place from July 25-27, 2016, to guarantee admission, you should apply 6-8 weeks before the program begins. This puts the application deadline around the end of May. Any later applicants will be placed on a wait list.

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel is an Emerson College senior Writing, Literature and Publishing student focusing on young adult fiction. When she’s not browsing bookstores, she’s blogging or jotting down ideas for new poems and stories.