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Learning Management Systems by Pearson to be Discontinued

The education monolith Pearson announced that by January 1, 2018, OpenClass and LearningStudio, Pearson’s learning management systems will be discontinued. Part of a larger plan to phase out of the learning management systems market (LMS) after several years of high profile purchases, LearningStudio in 2011 and OpenClass in 2009.

The OpenClass front page briefs their general stance on the LMS market going forward.

While the LMS will endure as an important piece of academic infrastructure, we believe our learning applications and services are truly “where the learning happens.” In short, withdrawing from the crowded LMS market allows us to concentrate on areas where we can make the biggest measurable impact on student learning outcomes.

The front page also describes that although future registration on OpenClass will be closed, current customers can still sign in. Community forums and the knowledge base support page will stay open until the 2018 date.

According to Edutechnica’s fall 2015 LMS market data, Pearson LMS programs are part of the “other” category. When compared alongside schools with 700 or above LMS-registered students, this category only holds about 10 percent of the overall LMS student enrollment. This leaves Pearson’s market share far below competitors like BlackBoard Learn, Moodle and Canvas in number of institutions acquired and students enrolled in these systems.

According to the OpenClass website statement, Pearson will move away from the LMS market in order to focus on its other projects.

Nate Leese

Nate Leese

Nate Leese is an Emerson College senior journalism student focusing on long term photography projects and visual media. Growing up a third culture kid he enjoys learning about relationships between cultures during times of change.