EdTech Accelerators Accepting Applications for Spring 2016

It appears it’s a great season for startups looking for edtech accelerators and investment. Two accelerator programs in the U.S. are accepting applications and offering funding to both local and international companies. Here’s what you need to know.

Utah-based accelerator, BoomStartUp is accepting applications for its edtech program until March 1, and extended eligibility to companies around the world. The three-month program is located in Salt Lake City and will begin March 28. Each startup accepted is promised $20,000. BoomStartUp’s first group of edtech participants raised $1.5M and one company is processing an acquisition. Their recent press release claimed that 81% of their startups are still running. That statistic includes all of their past startups, so no word on if it applies individually to their edtech-focused program.

NewSchools Ignite, an accelerator in Oakland, California that targets market gaps in education, announced it will grant $1.5M to edtech companies that focus on secondary school mathematics. Their Middle and High School Math Learning Challenge will award up to 15 companies who provide math help to students in grades 6-12 and include a six-month accelerator starting in May.

“While edtech has improved many aspects of teaching and learning, pockets of the industry crave innovation,” said Stacey Childress, CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund, in a press release. Applications for the competition are due March 14th. Last year, the non-profit initiated a science learning challenge and later this year, they have planned to open an English language challenge.

There are many more edtech accelerators who will be opening their spring/summer 2016 applications soon. LearnLaunch’s three-month program based in Boston offers each startup $100k in funding and services. EDGE EdTech in New York City is another three-month accelerator that promises rapid growth and roughly $170k in seed funding. The Jefferson Education Accelerator at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education provides up to $2M in funding. The MaRS Discovery District in Toronto offers entrepreneurs resources, funding, industry contacts and they have an investment accelerator fund of $250k for technology companies.

Visit each accelerator’s website for more information and how to apply.

Jennifer Ortakales

Jennifer Ortakales

Jennifer is a Boston-based freelance journalist who has covered emerging fashion and New York Fashion Week for Papercut magazine. When she isn't talking people's ears off, she studies art history and reconstructs thrift clothes into her own designs.