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McGraw-Hill Offers Free Apps for Digital Learning Day

The Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) declared today, February 17, 2016, as Digital Learning Day. In its fifth year, this event is a way for educators and innovators to spread strategies and technology that are shaping classrooms around the U.S. and internationally. They created a forum on Twitter and mapped over a thousand community and school events in classrooms, libraries, and after-school activities that involve digital learning.

While in many ways this is a marketing tactic for edtech companies and learning institutions, it does provide some perks for teachers, students, and parents. AEE partnered with Participate Learning to offer a searchable collection of free resources and practices that can help teachers incorporate more digital technology into their curriculum. For this one day, McGraw-Hill is offering free downloads of their learning games and apps on iTunes.

Seeing that textbooks and learning games are so costly, especially from mega-companies such as McGraw-Hill, this could be a great opportunity to download a couple free teaching tools for your students or homework help apps for your kids. Here are a few recommendations of fun apps to snag before the day’s end.

Monster Squeeze

Skills: math
Learning concepts: greater & less than
Age: 1-5 years

This funny octopus monster teaches young children numerical values by guessing his secret number. Two players compete to select the correct number while the monster prompts greater or less than ranges with his tentacles.

Fusion Reading – The Vocabulary Process

Skills: English, vocabulary
Learning concepts: vocabulary, word association and usage
Age: 8-12 years

With a straightforward and simple design, this app quizzes students on their vocab with fill-in-the-definition, synonym matching, and word composition games. The game contains an index of 360 words and players can rate their own knowledge of each word so they can track which words they know and which ones they need to review.

¡Así lo digo! 1 & 2

Skills: Spanish, vocabulary
Learning concepts: Spanish, language
Age: 10+

This Spanish language learning app promises to practice all the Spanish vocabulary needed for the corresponding courses “¡Así se dice! Level 1 and 2.” Of course, anyone practicing their Spanish independently could use the flashcards and pronunciation audio in these apps.

Jennifer Ortakales

Jennifer Ortakales

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