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Top 5 Organization Apps for Graduating High School Students

For high school students, the lengthy task lists that pile up in those last few months before graduation can make that final semester chaos. We’ve all been there, but no previous generation has gone through this period in early adulthood with the mass of useful apps available to the modern high school student. Nowadays, the array of organization apps available provide more options for high school students to manage the busyness of senior year.

We took a look at a few organization apps, to see what would work best for the busy high school grad-to-be. Below is a rundown of five personal management apps to organize life, school and work to help with this exciting transition into post-high school life.

Scanner Pro 6

By Readdle 

As we continue to shift from a physical to a digital world, we often need a direct digital copy of those frustrating forms, business cards, receipts and documents that we run into on a daily basis. This app is one of the best at scanning paper documents, accurately auto editing and cropping, and then converting photos to pdf format.

Some who don’t require a scanned or pdf quality will prefer a quick photo snap through the native camera app. This has led to a ‘Scan Radar’ feature that allows you to edit photos straight from the photo library, editing photos later if you don’t want to take time to open the app on the fly—a reliable tool for the student with paperwork overload.

App cost: $2.99

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

By Northcube AB

A constant sleep cycle is rarely found in the busy young adult schedule. However this app makes it easier to track, compare and organize your sleep cycles. It tracks body movements by using your phone’s accelerometer and wakes you up at during your lightest sleep period based on customizable time phases. It can chart and rank your sleep cycle over time to determine healthy sleep patterns and compare with other user averages. Reviews are overall very positive in its effects of tracking how well you sleep and the overall quality of sleep rising with long term users.

App cost: Free

Premium cost: $4.99 annually.

Wi-Fi Mapper 

By Open Signal

Useful although not universal, this app tracks wi-fi spots nearby and general connection quality. Connections can also be filtered by type of establishment or wifi provider, allowing quick and easy wifi search for when you move to a new city or trying to avoid roaming fees when taking a gap year abroad. Theres plenty of options out there with similar features so test a couple when you reach your new destination.

App cost: Free


By Binary Hammer

Its easy for time to get away from us without checking a phone every 10 minutes. 30/30 is a simple, easily customizable and clean time management app where you create a task list, add time limits and functions. It also promotes a work and break schedule where you can customize break times to be taken after a task is finished. Color and icon coding make it simple to see what kind of tasks are coming up and how important they are.

App cost: Free (In-app purchases available.)


Evernote, known and awarded in the technology world as a leading note-taking app, has evolved over the years into a popular and useful tool not only for students, but also for professionals. It allows you to write notes, schedule reminders and manage folders, all of which can be transferred to other people or through a variety of cloud services.

Evernote is a good place to start if your life is beginning to get more complicated and your looking for a universal system that translates to other digital platforms.

News: Recently, Evernote decided to discontinue their ‘Evernote Market’ lifestyle product e-commerce partnerships along with some higher management position changes. Refocusing on software development for its premium users and a possible sign of further software renovation in coming years.

App cost: Free

Premium cost: $49.99 annually

Plus cost: $24.99 annually

Nate Leese

Nate Leese

Nate Leese is an Emerson College senior journalism student focusing on long term photography projects and visual media. Growing up a third culture kid he enjoys learning about relationships between cultures during times of change.