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MIT Developing New Education and Learning Research Initiatives

New MIT education technology and learning research initiatives were announced in a letter Tuesday, eighteen months after a task force released a report analyzing the future of MIT education. MIT president Rafaek Reif outlined three newly formed groups that are working toward the final report recommendations and general innovation in education and learning research.

A new MIT pK-12 Action Group is being developed as a faculty group to help existing MIT pK-12 improvement programs and activities that have organically developed, wrote Reif. Working to help over 100 of these groups to further promote ideas and drive program reach.

MIT’s Integrative Learning Initiative is a group that will study how we learn and the best ways to do it using different scientific approaches to research. “Integrating insights and modes of inquiry from faculty colleagues in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, design, economics and other disciplines,” Reif wrote in the letter. “This new venture will apply scientific rigor to understand how people learn best.”

MITx Digital Learning Lab has been developed over the last three years and includes 16 MIT educators/researchers who work in the digital learning space within different departments. Along with researching new ways on how to create and share digital learning research, they also work as liaisons to test research initiatives for effective teaching, wrote Reif.

Also included was a “new leadership structure” as Sanjay Sarma, current Dean of Digital Learning, will be taking a position as Vice President for Open Learning.

These are new initiatives to follow in the coming years for possible developments in education technology and learning research.

Nate Leese

Nate Leese

Nate Leese is an Emerson College senior journalism student focusing on long term photography projects and visual media. Growing up a third culture kid he enjoys learning about relationships between cultures during times of change.