How eLearning Trends Can Be Used for Workforce Development

Earlier this month, Forbes introduced three trends in elearning that can help businesses train their employees and build upon established skills to keep up with technological advances. Gone are the days of the tawdry training videos that feature over-excited retail employees dressed in 90s clothes. Today’s workforce development innovators have new shoes (hopefully from the 21st century) and better methods for creative and effective training.

To take these trends further than a seasonal prediction, we compiled a list of elearning companies to know that are leading the way in cutting-edge training. Hopefully, this will be a good starting point if you have a business in need of employee development revival.


  • Learning Games Studios — This game design company provides training for adult education, immigrant integration and workforce development by emphasizing critical thinking and communication skills. They will also customize games for companies’ specific training goals.
  • Bottom-Line Performance — BLP is an elearning firm that consults businesses to create need-based programs. They have a game-based learning platform they call Knowledge Guru, with short and extended play training games to help employees gain new skills and practice ones they’ve already established.

Short-form Video

  • Convergence Training — This site has both elearning courses and training videos for technical skills in automotive, health, safety, and construction industries.
  • ej4 — This training video company focuses on the “4 justs” of learning—just as needed, just enough, just in time, just right—to provide focused and concise workforce development content.
  • sageCrowd — While Sean Sears’ company focuses on group collaborative training in the workforce, their YouTube channel also offers comprehensive training and lecture videos.

Mobile Learning

  • Skylab Learning — Skylab Learning combines elearning games and traditional instruction in 6-18 week customizable programs for businesses. Their games are smartphone and tablet accessible, while they also reinforce development through on-site activities.
  • Curatr — This platform allows businesses to design custom training activities from its inclusive mobile app. Curatr also holds free courses and MOOCs.
  • Lynda.com — This popular video library site acquired by LinkedIn last year is practically an online university with the multitude of technical instruction they offer. Their step-by-step narrated tutorials focus on design, media production and editing, business, web development, and education. An online subscription costs $25 a month, but their mobile app is free.

Jennifer Ortakales

Jennifer Ortakales

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