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Technology in Education Not a Replacement for Teachers, Says UK Education Secretary

Technology in education is becoming more prevalent every year, but does it threaten to replace the roles of teachers? Educational experts around the world say no.

A recent article from Engineering and Technology Magazine covered the highlights of British Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan’s keynote speech, which was given at the start of the Bett 2016 education technology event in London. Morgan’s keynote touched upon the British government’s dedication to supporting new technological developments in schools, and promised that all children would be granted equal access to the technology available.

Their economic long-term plan includes backing broadband at 1.3 billion pounds so that children can have access to education technology no matter where they are. However, Morgan stressed that the Internet and education technology are in no way substitutes for classroom teaching and knowledge. Rather than being used in lieu of an in-person class, Morgan highly suggested that instructors use technology as an aid which can be used by both teachers and students. For teachers, this may be an easier way to keep track of things such as progress and attendance.

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel

Sarah Samel is an Emerson College senior Writing, Literature and Publishing student focusing on young adult fiction. When she’s not browsing bookstores, she’s blogging or jotting down ideas for new poems and stories.