Using Learning Science for EdTech: Introducing Sean Sears, Founder of sageCrowd

People may say that humans only use a small portion of the brain’s capacity, but learning innovator Sean Sears doesn’t credit this for a second. As the founder of sageCrowd, a platform for group training, Sears incorporated his experience in information technology and research on learning science to build a company based on more effective learning.

In this first episode of our “Innovators & Innovations” podcast series, we interview Sean Sears on how he founded sageCrowd, how a car accident influenced his personal interest in the science of learning, and what we all can do to learn more effectively.


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About sageCrowd

The sageCrowd approach to memory formation and skill building allows businesses to lower costs and train larger groups, resulting in more efficient and impactful learning. The company promotes six main competencies in its courses by developing new behaviors and common culture among participants.

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About Sean Sears

Before he became an entrepreneur, Sears worked for seven years at Accenture, which was once the largest IT consulting company in the world. Today, he is also chairman of ICrowdx and runs Petite Rivière Vineyards with his wife in Petite Rivière, Nova Scotia.

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