Innovating Assistive Technology with Google Impact Challenge

In the 21st century, Google is a part of our everyday lives, influencing how we read, how we think, and how we learn.

So it’s only natural that Google plays a part in how we change the world, too.

The Google Impact Challenge is a program that travels to different regions asking nonprofits what they think would best benefit the community. Then the community votes for the project they believe will have the greatest impact potential. Add a little funding, teamwork, and guidance, and Google brings their idea to life.

Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities Google seeks out new solutions specifically for the disabled community. The program will provide $20 million in funding for the creation of assistive technology, so people with disabilities can see, hear, move, and learn like they never could before.

Learn more in this video from Google Impact Challenge:

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Ilana Cohen

Ilana Cohen

Ilana is a student at Emerson College pursuing a degree in Marketing Communication with minors in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. She previously worked at Ogilvy, Sambil, and Fundana.