How Students Use Social Media in School…for School

Social media in school (or any reference to it) might raise a few red flags for teachers. Most immediately associate social media in school with either A) That five minutes at the beginning of class in which students stealthily (sometimes not that stealthily) keep their eyes glued to their phones instead of the front of the classroom or B) The terrifying repercussions of the 1.5 million possible PR-disaster scenarios that could happen to teachers who use social media as detailed by the NEA.

Many teachers have concerns about using social media to communicate with their class, and for good reason. But as technology becomes more and more ingrained in students’ lives, social media may be one of the most effective ways for teachers to communicate with students, or for students to collaborate online. So how do you use social media in school in an effective (and safe) manner? This infographic shares a few examples on the most popular uses of social media in school.

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Ilana Cohen

Ilana Cohen

Ilana is a student at Emerson College pursuing a degree in Marketing Communication with minors in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. She previously worked at Ogilvy, Sambil, and Fundana.