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Businesses Need Edtech to Prepare for Generation Z

With an ever-growing dependence on technology for day-to-day activities, companies need to start considering how they can be best prepared for a new generation of workers to enter the workforce. Generation Z—a slowly growing population of children born after the Millennials—is still too young for researchers to assign characteristic or tendencies. But there is one thing that’s abundantly clear: advanced technologies like smart phones or tablets will be entirely commonplace in their world, and companies who haven’t adapted to that line of thought will be left out of the race.

Information Age examines education technologies as the key to preparing companies for Generation Z workers.  The article highlights four major areas that companies should focus on: differentiated learning, where each student can learn in the way most beneficial to them; real-time monitoring, which allows teachers to keep track of each student’s progress and balance the work load accordingly; automation of banal or tedious tasks; and mobile learning environments, which extend learning from school to home. By keeping up to date with new products or initiatives in the edtech industry, business owners can implement necessary changes to their workplace in phases that allow current workers to adjust.

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How mobile technology in education is shaping the next generation of employees – Information Age

Suchita Chadha

Suchita Chadha

Suchita is a student at Emerson College, where she is pursuing a BFA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing for poetry with a Global & Post-Colonial Studies minor. She has been published in Verge Magazine (Canada) and Affairs Today (UK).