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A Sudden Fall in eBooks Renews Hope for Book Sellers

A few years ago, analysts predicted the rapid uprising of eBooks that would take over and smother the print industry. To the horror of publishers and book sellers, print sales indeed began to drop while eBooks flourished, and the ultimate nightmare was realised when Borders declared bankruptcy in 2011. But sales trends for this year reveal a rather startling turn of events.

The New York Times looks at the eBooks industry and their fall from glory as print sales once more surge upwards. The article explores some of the possibilities behind this change, and suggests that part of the downfall is a result of the inability to share eBooks or sell them back. The more important reason is credited to the rise in costs that are nearly at par with print books. For college students, both these factors make it ultimately more worthwhile to buy the print copy. With no signs of reducing costs, this latest data raises the critical question: have print books survived the worst, or is this merely the eye of the storm?

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The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead – The New York Times

Suchita Chadha

Suchita Chadha

Suchita is a student at Emerson College, where she is pursuing a BFA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing for poetry with a Global & Post-Colonial Studies minor. She has been published in Verge Magazine (Canada) and Affairs Today (UK).