Blended learning in schools prepares students for the future

Blended Learning: An EdTech Revolution to Better Prepare Students

In an age where technology is quickly taking over the world, it’s becoming increasingly important for schools and educators to embrace this growth and incorporate it into curriculums in order to better prepare the young generations for the speed of the 21st century. Schools that have already adopted a “blended learning” style have the right idea.

The Wall Street Journal explores the need for the education system to be updated in order to remain at par with the skyrocketing growth of technology and issues a dramatic call to action: “What we need is a revolution in educational technology, one designed to leverage machines not merely to replace humans, but to enhance us.” Misleading as that may be, the true intent is not to do away with teachers at all: it’s to utilize them for their full potential. The goal is to take time away from teaching kids the basic foundations of subject by merely relaying information; instead, teachers should entirely shift their focus to instigating personalized learning, spurring higher level thinking, and encouraging greater levels of group discussions. By putting in place more blended learning systems in schools, both teachers and students have the opportunity to flourish in our technology-driven future.

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How Humans Can Win the Race Against the Machines – Wall Street Journal

Suchita Chadha

Suchita Chadha

Suchita is a student at Emerson College, where she is pursuing a BFA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing for poetry with a Global & Post-Colonial Studies minor. She has been published in Verge Magazine (Canada) and Affairs Today (UK).