Top 10 signs you’re back to school

Back to school season is in full swing, and gone are the days of watching Netflix and sunbathing on the beach. It’s the end of your first…or second…or third week of school, and you’re already counting down to the weekend. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We asked a few teachers for a progress report on the school year so far, and they shared with us the top 10 signs back to school season has begun.

You know it’s back to school season when…



…you can’t find any spiral notebooks because the teacher next door beat you to it.

empty shelvesYou checked WalMart. And Target. And the Dollar Store. Even Amazon’s looking pretty dismal right now.


…your mornings have been reduced to sharpening pencils.

Color pencil sharpening sawdust and color scrapsAnd no matter how hard you try to dust them off, your clothes will permanently be covered in shavings.


…you start checking your pockets for pens and scrap paper before you wash your clothes.

laundry-413688_1280If you forget, you will find a way to repurpose your ruined clothing for arts & crafts. Sock puppets, anyone?


…you spend the weekend pursuing your two favorite hobbies: cutting and pasting.

cut and pasteSometimes coloring and reviewing children’s books are also involved.


…you sit down to eat a square of chocolate and devour the whole bar.

kid chocolateAugustus Gloop ain’t got nothing on you.


…you realize you haven’t had a bathroom break in over eight hours.

teacher“I’m smiling because if I don’t, I will scream.”


…you wake up in a cold sweat because you can’t remember where you last saw your hot glue gun.

Hot_glue_pasta…and end up finding it buried beneath 5 spools of yarn, one roll of butcher paper, 3 buckets of glitter, 26 laminated letters, and a pile of pop quizzes.


…you start trying to implement rules and procedures with your dog. And your friends. And your significant other.

motivational_poster__fight_club_by_the_shadowwolf-d4vbvcxTyler Durden was clearly a teacher in a former life…or personality.


…you hold up the quiet sign at a bar, and ask your friends to clap once if they can hear you.

School-education-learning-1750587-hOnce you get their attention, you start speaking in song.


…you fall asleep before 9:30 on a Friday night, and you’re okay with that.

…even if you do dream about grading papers two nights in a row.

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Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren

Hannah Nyren is the General Manager of EdTech Times. A Texan by birth but a Bostonian at heart, Hannah is an educational writer, AmeriCorps alum, and one-time StartupWeekend EDU (SWEDU) winning team member. She started her career at a Pearson-incubated edtech startup, but has since covered travel, food & culture, and even stonemasonry in addition to education.