Flashnotes.com Announces Series B Funding And Partnership With Cengage Learning

This morning Flashnotes.com, a Boston-based edtech startup, announced a strategic partnership with Cengage Learning, on top of their Series B funding.  Cengage Learning is also the participant in this Series B funding raised by Flashnotes.com, along with the following investors: Lazerow Ventures, Atlas Venture, KAHM Capital, Softbank Capital, Stage One Ventures, Campus Agency, Lou Latiff, Michael Solomon.  The dollar size of Series B funding is not being disclosed.

The partnership will enable students to access study materials that are course-specific, student-to-student, and consist of different content types: flashcards, study guides, notes, and live video help. As Mike Matousek, founder of Flashnotes.com, explains:  “Our partnership with Cengage Learning recognizes the importance of student-created content in helping today’s college students excel academically.  Cengage Learning is leading a transformative change in education that will benefit students in a profound way, and we’re excited they’ve chosen the Flashnotes.com platform to provide them with highly relevant, student-created content.”

For more details, please read the company’s press release at: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cengage-learning-and-flashnotescom-to-transform-the-learning-experience-in-higher-education-with-strategic-partnership-274596261.html

For our Q&A interview with Mike Matousek, please read: http://edtechtimes.com/2014/08/27/qa-mike-matousek-founder-ceo-flashnotes-com/

Yevgeny Ioffe

Yevgeny Ioffe

Yevgeny Ioffe, or as people call him, Yev, has been working in both the startup world and established companies. His career spans from joining Xplana Learning as it launched to Cengage Learning to MBS Direct when it acquired Xplana in 2009. Yevgeny brings to EdTech Times his passion for start-ups and technology, along with his interest in the ever evolving world of edtech. Yevgeny obtained his BSc and MA from Brandeis University and MBA from Boston College.