5 Colleges That Produce Awesome IT Grads

Check out which schools are cranking out the best IT professionals in the country, according to U.S. News:

1. MIT

Since MIT grads are top ranked for the computer science and mathematics skills, they may be best to fill the increasing need for business analytics.

2. Stanford University

Thanks to the proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford computer science students usually have a good deal of work experience when they leave school, thanks to internships and in-school startups. If you’re looking to hire someone for programming/application development, look for Stanford on their resume.

3. University of California-Berkeley

Not only is UC-Berkeley a great value, which attracts top talent, it team up with Stanford in 2012 to launch an open networking research center which deals specifically in complex problems around networking.

4. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon’s master of science in IT program makes mobile the focus of their curriculum. After two semesters at the university, students go to Sillicoln Valley to work on projects. So if you’re looking for someone to grow your company’s mobile solutions, check Carnegie Mellon’s graduating classes.

5. University of Illinois—Urbana Champaign

The University of Illinois is ranked ninth when it comes to programming language and is proving that technology innovation isn’t limited to just the coasts!

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Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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