Updates from ISTE 2014

The International Society for Technology in Education is underway in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual conference is a place where nearly 18,000 educators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world go to connect and discuss the forefront of education and technology. Here are some highlights from the weekend’s gathering.

ConnectED Program Offers Schools Almost $2B in Products, Services

Ten companies, part of the ConnectED initiative to bring private resources to U.S. public schools, shared specifics on what they were offering.  The ConnectED showcase was organized by State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and strategically overlapped the ISTE conference. Attendees got to hear from Autodesk, Esri, Adobe, Prezi, O’Reilly Safari Books Online, Microsoft, Apple, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.

See EdSurge for full story.

Edmodo Launches New Snapshot Tool for Teachers and Administrators

Accessible from the main Edmodo homepage, Snapshot for Teachers features standards-aligned questions for grades 3-12 Math and ELA, the tool generates quizzes based on a teacher’s classroom curriculum. In a swift click, teachers can assign the quiz to their students, pre- or post-lesson, or any time that works with their classroom schedule. Upon quiz completion, teachers have instant visibility into student and overall class progress with intuitive visuals, allowing them the opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge at the class, group and individual level. To quickly address any gaps, the tool features a content recommendation engine, which surfaces helpful resources teachers can easily assign students, helping to resolve challenges and personalize learning.

Simultaneous with the launch of Snapshot for the classroom, Edmodo is also debuting Snapshot for Schools, which is a premium version of the Snapshot suite aimed at school and district administrators. It extends the existing admin feature set of Edmodo and enables school and district professionals to gauge progress on educational standards in real time at the school and district level.

For more information, see full press release.

Pearson Announces Expansion of its Formative Item Bank to Allow for Creating Custom, Standards-Aligned Classroom Tests and Quizzes

The item bank is now integrated with Schoolnet, Pearson’s award-winning suite of data-driven education software that enables educators to align student assessment, curriculum and instruction; guide collaborative, data-informed discussion; and enable targeted instruction for all learners.

Now educators can use Schoolnet to create tests and quizzes targeted to meet their specific school or district needs across the curriculum, in English/language arts, math, science and social studies. They can also collaborate with other teachers in Schoolnet to share these assessments for learning.

See full press release for more information.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Unveils HMH Player, a Digital Learning Integrator

HMH’s new app is a digital workflow tool that lets teacher create content, differentiate it for students if needed, and send them right to a student’s device. Students can access the lessons both online and offline. In addition, the app facilitates real-time collaboration among teachers, students, and parents to help spot student learning gaps.

The app also touts native resources like a personal math trainer which is powered by Knewton Adaptive Learning. HMH’s new app scores assignments, giving teachers more time to teach. According to their video, Houghton Mifflin is working to create a more holistic learning experience.

For more information, see Education Dive.

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