Six Companies Leading The Way In EdTech

According to Forbes, there are six companies at the forefront of education technology. The edtech sector has finally reached a “modicum of maturity” after almost a decade of research and development for tools to enhance the learning process. Here are the leaders:


Since 2008, Knewton has been working on an adaptive learning platform. Now, it’s hard to mention adaptive learning without mentioning Knewton. The company has reached partnership deals with the likes of Pearson, Houghton Mifflin, and Macmillin.


Online learning platform TutorGroup has become the largest English learning institution in the world. It has now expanded its offerings to include a Mandarin Chinese learning class for English speakers. In February, the group closed a $100 million round of funding.


Founded in 2008, 2U partners with universities to develop online learning programs. They have partnered with Simmons College, Syracuse University, and more.


Blackboard, best known for its learning management system, has expanded to include collaboration and analytics tool. Most recently, Blackboard has partnered with Arizona Public Schools to support its 60,000 teachers.

General Assembly

General Assembly offers online courses for internet development. Beyond just HTML and CSS, the company boasts courses like content marketing, data analysis, and user experience design.


Coursera, a leading MOOC provider, has come out on top of the online college course game. According the Forbes, what sets Coursera apart is the “democratization and elevation of certificates.”

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Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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