Chrome Is Now More Popular Than Internet Explorer

According to Adobe Digital Report (ADI) data, Google Chrome is now making up 31.8% of all browser usage on the internet, while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer makes up 30.9%. This is the first time Google has beat out Microsoft in browser popularity for “overall mobile and desktop software.”

When mobile and desktop usage is broken down, however, Internet Explorer still holds a 13% lead over Chrome. Alternately, Chrome holds the lead over Internet Explorers on mobile shares. This can be attributed to Microsoft’s domination of desktop computer and Google’s “consistent interface” across mobile devices.

“Internet Explorer leverages its Windows OS dominance to gain share as the default Web browser for the majority of people online,” ADI analyst Tyler White said in a press release. “Today mobile OS is more important, giving Google and Apple a leg up with default status on Android and iOS.”


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Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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