Indiana U. Puts IT and Safety Under One Umbrella

At Indiana University, on associate vice president will oversee physical security and information security. The unification of both securities yields uniform response procedures that can be applied to both physical- and cybersecurity incidents alike. By creating a “single focal point for decision-making,” Indiana university officials set themselves to be prepared to approach different types of hazards to the college community. In addition, the union is a nod to how increasingly reliant on information technology functions, like policing, have become.

In part, the combining of physical- and information-security responsibilities recognizes the way functions like policing are increasingly reliant on information technology.

“If you look at the way technology has been embedded in things like access control, it takes someone with an IT background and an IT technical mind-set to understand what kind of cryptography is going on between the card and the reader, and is that secure?” [Tom Davis, chief security officer] says. Synergies like that, he says, make it apparent that information technology and physical safety belong “under one umbrella.”

For full story, see the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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