Facebook Partners with EdX, Nokia, and Rwanda for SocialEDU


Facebook-led Internet.org has unveiled SocialEDU, a pilot project in Rwanda, that seeks to give students in developing countries free access to an online education platform. Internet.org’s project, in partnership with Nokia and local carrier Airtel, edX and the government in Rwanda, will be run on low-cost smartphones and cloud services.

The partnership breaks down like this: Facebook and edX developed a MOOC-style experience that will be based around a Facebook-integrated mobile app; Airtel will provide free data access for those who commit for a year, and Nokia will offer “affordable” smartphones.

In addition, Facebook is taking on a project with Unilever in India and a new Internet.org Innovation Lab with Ericsson in its Menlo Park HQ.

 For more information, see TechCrunch.

Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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