Mayor Walsh to LearnLaunch Campus: ‘You are the future of the economy’

Newly inaugurated Boston mayor, Marty Walsh, visited the LearnLaunch Campus on Wednesday in order to promote education and technology in the city.  Some of the companies in the co-working space had the opportunity to meet with the mayor to discuss their product and what they are doing to improve education.

Walsh said the LearnLaunch Campus is going to improve how students learn and provide tools to teachers in order for them to teach more effectively.  “Some of you are going to change the way we educate our kids,” he said.

Hakan Satiroglu, the founder of the LearnLaunch Campus, welcomed Walsh and explained that one of the goals of the space is to make Boston the edtech capital of the world.  Satiroglu said LearnLaunch hopes to create new jobs in the education sector and to keep entrepreneurs from going to other cities.  He recognized the education platform that Walsh ran on during his campaign and hopes to work with him to continue the growth of Boston’s innovation initiative.

When Walsh spoke to the entrepreneurs at the LearnLaunch Campus about the growth of Boston’s tech community, he agreed that he wants to keep entrepreneurs here, even if they aren’t originally from the Boston region.  He joked with one Philadelphia native, saying that once she creates a successful product and company he doesn’t want her to take it back to Pennsylvania.  “If we really want to move the city forward, it’s about the tech industry.  You are the future of the economy,” he said. “What’s important to the city is making sure that you’re successful.”

In order to make Boston the tech capital of the world, Walsh said he will do everything he can to keep entrepreneurs like those in the LearnLaunch campus from leaving.  “We should have buildings for startups, not just spaces,” he said.  Walsh wants to see many buildings for startups and entrepreneurs in the Boston area in order to compete with other tech hubs like ones in the West Coast.  Walsh, reiterating his commitment, said, “I like competition.”


Michelle Harven

Michelle Harven

Michelle is a current graduate student at Emerson College and an intern at Boston's public radio station. She enjoys exploring the world of educational technology and writing about the ever-changing sector and its potential.