Playrific and Mr.Nussbaum Partner to Create New Educational Apps

Two companies came together this week with one goal: to make learning fun for students.  Playrific, one of the top independent publishers of kids’ apps, joined forces this week with E-Learning site, Mr. Nussbaum, to create a new line of Common Core concept apps for 2 to 12-year-old’s. is one of the most popular sites among educators, students and parents.  The site receives 5 million visits each month, according to the press release.  Greg Nussbaum, the creator of the site, joins Playrific’s Advisory Board as Education Advisor, and will work with Playrific’s team to create the new apps.

Playrific keeps an eye on what is trending for kids and what interests them in order to create games that will capture their attention.  The apps are also designed to help kids get ready for the school year ahead.

The partnership hopes to help parents by making these fun education apps available in a time that is so common core focused and makes the apps affordable.  Students and teachers can look forward to apps that feature a wide variety of learning tools that encourage continual play.

“It’s really about weaving education into everything we do so that kids will explore the content and learn while they’re doing it,” said Beth Marcus, CEO and Founder of Playrific.  Playrific and Mr. Nussbaum both agree that delivering an educational experience is an important part of what they do, but they recognize that kids won’t use it unless it’s fun, said Marcus.

Marcus said Playrific and Mr. Nussbaum joining forces will make a more complete and valuable product for parents, teachers, and students.

Learn more about Playrific and Mr.Nussbaum.

Michelle Harven

Michelle Harven

Michelle is a current graduate student at Emerson College and an intern at Boston's public radio station. She enjoys exploring the world of educational technology and writing about the ever-changing sector and its potential.