SIIA: Federal Laws Protect Student Privacy

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WASHINGTON D.C. – (January 14, 2013)- The enhanced use of technology and data to serve students, teachers and schools has called attention to the important issue of student data privacy and security. In response to remarks today by Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), SIIA issued the following statement:

“School service providers work with school districts to use student information to deliver technologies and services that are critical to student learning and to meeting a school’s enterprise management needs. Schools and providers are working together to improve student learning, and they are committed protecting the privacy and security of personal student information.

“Importantly, this commitment is enforced by strong existing federal law.  The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides a strong regulatory framework that protects student privacy.  Under FERPA, student information may not be transferred to outside school service providers unless it is essential for educational purposes, entirely under the control of the school, and is secured and not re-disclosed other than as allowed by the school to meet educational purposes. FERPA further requires parental permission for the sharing of information.

“As indicated in their reply to Senator Markey,  DOE affirms the comprehensive nature of privacy protections built into FERPA and the regulations and guidance the Department has constructed on that legal foundation.  In addition, the enforcement of this law has generated a culture of business practices that respects student privacy beyond basic compliance.  School service providers know that if they do not protect student information entrusted to them, they will lose their customers and face legal repercussions for non-educational purposes.

“SIIA looks forward to working with Senator Markey and other stakeholders to continue to make certain that student privacy is protected.”

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