Fight Over Chicago State University Faculty Blog Escalates

chicago state university faculty blog

A group of rogue professors at the Chicago State University created a website criticizing the school. In November, the university demanded the group shut the blog down, claiming they infringed on university copyright, despite changes the site’s creators made to distance themselves.

It all started on November 6, when blog creator Phillip Beverly and professor at Chicago State, alleged that the university falsified job applications and resumes. Five days later, Beverly received a cease-and-desist letter from the university claiming the blog infringed on its trademark block letter font and the university seal. In turn, the bloggers filed a Freedom of Information Act asking for the trademark numbers, only to find out Chicago State didn’t file for federal trademarks until November 14, three days after the cease-and-desist letter was sent.

Jacob H. Rooksby, a law school professor, said he considered this issue to be part of a current trend of institutions using trademarks or alleged trademarks to try to “bully” those who use language they don’t like.

Last year, in response to the first letter, the bloggers changed the name from “Chicago State University Faculty Voice” to “Crony State University Faculty Voice.”

For more on this higher ed battle, see the full story.

Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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