EdTech Times 2013 Round-up: Guest Writers

EdTech Times’ guest writers really helped to broaden our reach 2013.  Thanks to all our writers for sharing their voice and views this past year.  Check out a few of these articles and authors:

Monica Brady-Myerov:  Boston vs. Silicon Valley

Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO of Listen Edition, and former NPR news reporter, tells the story of the edtech innovation community – East Coast vs. West Coast.

Richard Fournier:  K-12 Online Teachers – Where is the Preparation?

Richard Fournier of Boston University examines the preparedness of K-12 teachers to teach in the online space – a space which requires vastly different skills than regular classroom teaching.

Molly Levitt:  40 Days of Kickstarter

Molly Levitt, CEO of BrightLoop takes us on a series of posts chronicling BrightLoop’s (successful) Kickstarter adventures and lessons learned.

David Parker: Blurring Lines: the University in Transition

David Parker of Alexander Street Press highlights how the shift to digital affects the different content providers in the university setting.

Emil Johan Oliver:  Apraxim in Boston

Emil Johan Oliver, CEO of Apraxim, talks about his team’s travel from Norway to Boston, and the lessons they bring back home to their growing startup culture.

Sheri Cheng

Sheri Cheng

Sheri Cheng is a former science teacher and tech director at an urban charter school in Boston with a penchant for 7th grade humor. Sheri is the Editor-in-Chief and Director of Operations at EdTech Times, keeping on top of day-to-day news in educational technology and entrepreneurship.