Boundless Launches Free Educators Platform

On Thursday, December 5, Boundless Learning launched their newest teaching platform for educators during their launch party held in their Boston office. Students, professors, entrepreneurs and supporters of the EdTech community came together to celebrate Boundless’ newest innovation in the textbook revolution. Boundless Teaching Platform is a free resource for educators, allowing for easy customization of Boundless’ course books and materials. Professors are able to assign quizzes and readings for homework and track the progress and engagement of students using built-in statistics. The platform also includes extra course materials to be used in the classroom, such as pre-made Powerpoint presentations with notes and graphics to align with text materials. Students enrolled in classes using Boundless for Educators have to purchase assigned books for $19.99 each. Boundless content can be accessed directly through their website, Android app and iOS apps for Apple devices.

Hal Abelson of MIT gives a brief introduction into the beginnings of open education at Boundless' Educators Launch Party on December 5, 2013 in Boston, MA. Photo Credits: Jessica Owens

Hal Abelson of MIT gives a brief introduction into the beginnings of open education at Boundless’ Educators Launch Party on December 5, 2013 in Boston, MA. Photo Credit: Jessica Owens, Boundless

Hal Abelson, of MIT’s OpenCourseWare and Creative Commons, started the evening event with a brief introduction into the original beginnings of open education and the ever-changing role technology has had in education. “OpenCourseWare allowed and continues to allow us to provide value [in education]. The point of the Internet is to spread things out,” explained Abelson. Afterwards, CEO and founder of Boundless, Ariel Diaz introduced and gave the audience a demo of the Boundless Teaching Platform. Diaz demonstrated the easy integration of Boundless materials into existing syllabi. Diaz showed the audience how to simply drag and drop different chapters, or sections, of the text in to different places to customize for their personal curriculums. “We want to empower educators, not replace them with Boundless Teaching Platform. And we believe this is both cost effective and educational effective,” Diaz concluded.

Brent Delehey, an undergraduate economics professor at Middlesex Community College, has been testing the educators platform for the past few months prior to yesterday’s launch. “It’s an elegantly designed product from both the databases perspective and user-interface. There’s definitely great potential for both educators and students both,” commented Delehey. He has also shown his students the Boundless resources he would be integrating and all of them have reacted positively, “the price is definitely not a deterring factor since [hardbound] textbooks are getting more expensive every year. All of them are excited for this online transition.” As an educator constantly looking for digital resources to bring into the classroom, Delehey is looking forward to be able to integrate this curriculum in the spring semester.

Prior to the release of Boundless Teaching Platform, the Boston-based startup’s main product were online textbooks for college students, which currently reaches over 20 million students nationwide. Boundless’ current library of content aligns to the most popular titles in 21 different subjects, including biology, art and management. In August, Boundless introduced their first premium product for $19.99. The paid products gave students access to more digital-media resources to engage with the text, including quizzes, flash cards and highlighting notes.

Boundless Teaching Platform seeks to be the solution for professors looking for affordable digital textbook options for their students. To learn more about Boundless and the Boundless Teaching Platform, check out their website at

Victoria Kwan

Victoria Kwan

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