What Teacher Inspired You?

What teacher changed your life? We want to hear about it!

Throughout our Kickstarter we have pushed people to connect with their childhoods and recognize that their lives were shaped in one way or another by the teachers they had. It is easy to feel disconnected from our Kickstarter if you connect only with the day-to-day life you are living now, but we’ve decided to push people to think more deeply about their experience — with some incentive.

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Post by BrightLoop.

We are a few hours into posting this campaign and the response is already amazing. It has been powerful to read all the stories people have shared and to see them tagging teachers and letting them know directly their impact.

Teachers are some of the hardest working individuals and it is often a thankless job. BrightLoop is made by teachers, for teachers to help them to feel empowered. Consider sharing your story on our page, and if you really believe in education – consider backing us on Kickstarter.

Molly Levitt

Molly Levitt

Molly is a former teacher and the founder of BrightLoop. An experienced educator, she created BrightLoop out of a need in her classroom while teaching 1st grade in Boston. Previously she's worked as a special education teacher and a researcher for a National Science Foundation grant designing science curriculum based on cognitive research.