McGraw-Hill and Time To Know – Dynamic Digital Teaching System

McGraw Hill Education and their educational technology partner, Time To Know announced their most significant launch of Digital Teaching Platform 7.0 (DTP7). The new platform is for math and reading grades 4-7. The data-driven, differentiated teaching and learning system delivers a personalized educational experience for each student, and immensely improve educational outcomes. DTP7 will integrate McGraw-Hill Education’s Common Core-aligned content and services for math and English language arts (ELA).

While the McGraw- Hill Education content on the platform will allow teachers to rotate between entire-class discussions and exploration, individual student experimentation, and highly personalized practice for each student, Time To Know platform will empower teachers with digital content and tools that effectively increase student performance to transform the classroom.

The President of McGraw-Hill School of Education, Peter Cohen stated:

“For decades, we’ve heard that industry-shifting education technology is on its way. With Time To Know, it’s here, and it’s making the one-to-one classroom a reality. We see teachers as core to the delivery of education outcomes, and Time To Know keeps the teacher at the center of instructional decisions, enabling them to personalize the classroom by using real-time analytics and customized instruction. In schools that use Time to Know, we’ve seen impressive increases in test scores, engagement and even attendance, which means that students are learning effectively and, more importantly, they want to learn.”

Vice Chairman of Time To Know, Dr. Yosi Ben-Dov stated:

“We truly believe that this solution represents the future of K-12 education. By combining McGraw-Hill Education’s world-class curriculum development and instructional design with our experience in educational technology, we have exceeded even our own expectations, and truly produced a learning environment unlike anything else on the market.”

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Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey , a sophomore in college, is the Content Manager for Ed Tech Times.