Bridgepoint Education’s Ashford University and Forbes Media Form Alliance

Yesterday, Bridgeport Education’s Ashford University formed an alliance with a Forbes Media subsidiary. With this new alliance, Ashford University’s College of Business and Professional Studies will be renamed to Forbes School Of Business. Students will gain access to a large treasure trove of Forbes’ resources. Everything from curated talent and high quality content dating back to almost a century to extensive global networks, and invitation-only, unique webinars where expected guest speakers will be culled from Forbes’ roster of 1,200 international contributors, will be available for Forbes Business School online students.

Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, stated:

“This collaboration is a natural extension of what Forbes has been doing for nearly 100 years: providing people with information and insights to enable them to develop their own talent and become true entrepreneurs. Our alliance is designed to help Ashford University’s students be effective in today’s rapidly evolving business environment and prepare them for opportunities.”

Dr. Richard Pattenade, President of Ashford University stated:

“Founded in 1917, Forbes has earned its global reputation as a knowledgeable, well-respected business voice. I look forward to our alliance with Forbes. I know it will offer numerous benefits to Ashford’s business students.”

President and CEO of Forbes Media, Mike Perlis stated:

“Forbes has been a long-standing witness to challenges facing businesses and leaders, and we look forward to enriching the Ashford student educational experience with business resources, insights and analyses that are practical, relevant and timely. Just as Forbes offers a variety of voices and different points of view from around the globe, similarly, Ashford’s students are pursuing their education from locations all over the world and bringing their unique perspectives into the online classroom.”

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Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey , a sophomore in college, is the Content Manager for Ed Tech Times.