Stanford Reclaiming MOOC Brand

When thinking of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their providers, many automatically think about companies such as Coursera or Udacity.  Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA is seeking to expand their MOOC offerings, and start competing against former Stanford professors’ companies, Coursera and Udacity. Stanford offers MOOCs using the open-source platform developed by edX, Open edX.

Founded in 2011 around the same time, both Coursera and Udacity were founded by Stanford Professors. While Coursera was laying their foundation and Udacity was constructing an online classroom with 1600,000 “capacity” (which is 300 times the amount of students Stanford seat in their largest lecture hall), Stanford was making moves to fill the spaces that their online-savvy professors had left. As a result of Coursera and Udacity having a head start on the MOOC business, Stanford has to play catch-up. Branding and Spending are hurdles that Stanford University is going to have to overcome.

To find out more read Steve Kolowich’s article at Chronicle of Higher Education.

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey , a sophomore in college, is the Content Manager for Ed Tech Times.