McGraw-Hill Education Launches first online Math Placement Platform

Today, at the 2013 EDUCAUSE annual conference in Anaheim, California, McGraw Hill Higher Education launched the innovative ALEKS Math Placement Platform. ALEKS, the first of its kind, is a online math placement program that is more accurate than the usual standard placement test. ALEKS uses adaptive technology to rapidly and precisely analyze students’ understanding to place them in the college math course that best positions them for success. McGraw-Hill Education launched ALEKS to decrease the number of students who drop, fail or withdraw from their remedial math classes in college.

On the problem of college math placement, President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Brian Kibby stated:

“Research tells us that students who are incorrectly placed in courses become frustrated, leading to thousands of students who were accepted to college to never show up to class. What’s more, less than 1 in 10 remedial students graduate from community colleges within three years, and we know that inaccurate placement contributes to this problem.”

Will Lampros, CEO of ALEKS, explains the importance of ALEKS:

“Being the first in the market to introduce a fully adaptive, online assessment platform with ALEKS Placement shows our commitment to improving the developmental education and placement environment within higher education, and will dramatically improve students’ success in college and help them achieve the ultimate goal of graduating,”

For more information, read the Press Release. 

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey , a sophomore in college, is the Content Manager for Ed Tech Times.