Listen Edition Brings Public Radio to the Classroom

Listen Edition is launching a new subscription service available to educators that will bring public radio into the classroom to benefit students’ auditory skills as well as meet Common Core State Standards.

Listen Edition, based in Boston, was started by award-winning WBUR reporter and ETT contributor Monica Brady-Myerov to allow teachers an easy way to use public radio stories in the classroom. Listen Edition creates custom lesson plans around the public radio stories. Within these lesson plans, Listen Edition includes class activities, homework, assessments, and links to additional resources. With all of this, students learn the importance of critical listening and thinking skills. Some subjects that Listen Edition covers are STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and Social Studies.

From their press release:

The Common Core requires students to become proficient in listening, yet there are few classroom tools devoted to building critical listening skills.  Listen Edition fills this gap with social studies and STEM lesson plans that include lesson objectives, vocabulary, discussion questions, homework assignments, and assessments—all built around fascinating and timely public radio stories.  Listen Edition also posts a free teachable current events story every school day.

Boston Public School Orchard Gardens’ 7th grade history teacher Trish Kelleher touts the benefits of the Listen Edition product, saying, “Listen Edition is teaching my students how to be better listeners.”

To learn more about Listen Edition, visit their website as well as ETT’s recent Q&A with Monica Brady-Myerov.


Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey

Yasmin Bailey , a sophomore in college, is the Content Manager for Ed Tech Times.