Eduplanet21 Launches Wave of Software Updates

Eduplanet21MECHANICSBURG, PA–(Marketwired – September 12, 2013) – Eduplanet21, the Flipped Professional Development company dedicated to connecting educators & authors together in a Social Learning Network, launches a variety of new software updates and features.

From a new look to being able to create private catalogs, Eduplanet21 has released a laundry list of new features and software updates to their blended learning solution.

New features include:

  • Private Catalog — The Private Catalog allows individual organizations to display any learning paths, communities, and eLibraries that are available within that organization. Organizations can set the items so users can self-join, or request information about the topics. Intended for, but not limited to Channel Partners.
  • Auto-Follow Topics — Users will receive notifications for any new activity in discussions you are a part of.
  • New Site Header — Eduplanet21 header has been updated to be more intuitive and user friendly. Branding colors and logos are now incorporated into the topmost header or pages of platform. Contact for customization options.
  • eLibrary Favorite Assets — Are now accessible via the favorites tab with an eLibrary.
  • Assessment Asset Type — Acts as an assessment/quiz within a Learning Path to allow users and managers to evaluate their own understanding of the Learning Path.  There are some additional options which assessments have, creators of assessments can:
    • Set the Questions to appear in a random order to assessment takers.
    • Allow/Disallow users to be able to retake an assessment multiple times, wiping the slate clean each time.
    • Require that all preceding assets must be complete before an assessment can be taken.
    • Choose the minimum percentage score required to “pass” the assessment.  (NOTE: There are no requirements to require passing an assessment in order to get seat time credit for the assessment asset or for the learning path).
  • YouTube Videos and Bits of the Run playlist videos now play embedded directly in the page.


Eduplanet21’s mission is to revolutionize Professional Development through Social Learning. Our comprehensive solution consists of a Software Platform, Digital Content, Services, and a Global Social Network of Educators all integrated into one Social Learning Solution.

Embedded Video Available: