EdTechKnowFiles: Q&A with Adam Lupu & Adam Schwem, founders of The Delta Program (Part I)

EdTechKnowFilesETT took some time this week to talk to Adam Lupu & Adam Schwem, the founders of The Delta Program, an Android development training program based in Austin, TX.

In Part I of this Q&A, Adam & Adam talk about The Delta Program’s origins and goals.

The application window for this program closes on Monday, July 1—watch their video and read all about it here.  There’s still time to sign on to this exciting opportunity!


Adam Lupu, co-founder of The Delta Program

ETT: What is your elevator pitch?

AL & AS: Learn Android development in under 3 months. Change what’s possible. Mobilize your career.

ETT: What is your company’s core value proposition? What problem are you solving?

AL & AS: The demand for Android Developers is significantly higher than the supply. Colleges and online training programs are not producing people with the skills necessary to be immediately impactful in these positions. We can take people from all walks of life, from all other fields, and as long as they have a love of learning and a commitment to their own professional growth, we can train them to be job-ready in under 3 months.

ETT: Why did you get into this? What drove you to start this?

AL: I’m a learning scientist and former teacher. When I discovered how much research on human learning was locked up in the Ivory Tower and had not found it’s way to education, I was shocked. Technology training, or TechEd as I like to call it, is a perfect place to rapidly design effective learning environments based on this research, deploy them quickly, and refine them to start solving society-wide problems like unemployment and technology literacy.

ETT: What is the biggest need for your startup?

AL & AS: In order of priority, we need:

1) Quality Applicants who want to become Android Developers
2) Android Developers who want to help mentor and facilitate others in becoming part of the community
3) Organizations who want to help elevate the conversation about job training, apprenticeships, and professional education


Adam Schwem, co-founder of The Delta Program

AL & AS: Our goal is and will always be to continuously improve learning opportunities for people. In our current phase of growth, we are reaching out to the community that is interested in face-to-face learning and have catered our program towards Android Development. Starting revenues from that program help stabilize and start to scale our model of immersive learning and the technology that supports it. As we move forward, we plan to run 4 more sessions in which we will expand our offerings in mobile development. Milestones include the expansion of our program to include iOS, UX/UI Design, Project Management, and a matching program to build teams of talented technologists. In its first year, The Delta Program hopes to achieve a 60% profit margin. As these financial needs are met, we plan on expanding our team from 4 to 10 people. And we will be investing our profit into the design and development of learning technology products. This could lead to additional revenue and growth in our second year of operation.

Thanks to Adam & Adam for talking to ETT about this opportunity!  Special thanks to Sean Duffy of EdTech Austin Meetup and Ryan Lee for video.

Find out more about The Delta Program at their website:


Sheri Cheng

Sheri Cheng

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