New Visions Study Cites Challenges in Adopting New Tech Innovations

new-visions-public-schools-logo-01New Visions releases study on challenges schools face when adopting new tech innovations

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — New Visions, an organization that works intensively with a core group of New York City schools while fashioning strategies to improve student achievement across the board, recently issued a new case study that sheds light on the complex process by which an innovation is first adopted by a set of users, then diffuses throughout a network. DataCation, a New Visions partner since 2010, is highlighted as an innovative tech-ed company that was successfully adopted by school systems.

Susan Fairchild and her co-authors explain the conditions necessary for an innovation to meet with success. First, it has to offer a relative advantage to what preceded it. Next, the technology needs to meet users “where they are” and be compatible with other systems already in place. And, finally it needs to be relatively easy to use. “DataCation hits all three of those marks,” said Fairchild.

DataCation is a division of CaseNEX, LLC. It is a web-based system committed to providing custom-fitted and innovative solutions for school communities to support leadership, teachers, parents, and students by making it easy to view, analyze, and/or cross-reference data. Starting in the New York City school system, DataCation is now used by millions of educators, parents, and students across the country.

“We are constantly using new research and methods to evaluate adoption through every roll out phase. It has been a great partnership with New Visions as we work with them to make sure the user experience is a successful one,” said Peter Bencivenga CaseNEX President and COO, as well as Co-Founder of DataCation.

For details on the New Visions case study, visit the New Visions website.

As a leader in the education technology industry for over 15 years, CaseNEX is now used in all 50 states and consists of two additional divisions: DataCation and PALS Marketplace. CaseNEX offers pioneering case method professional development along with an array of tools to help schools break down complex student data to inform and support instruction. CaseNEX tools actively assess new needs, address performance gaps, increase transparency, and promote academic success.


Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

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