LinkIt! Launches Common Core Assessments for CCSS and PARCC Readiness

linkitLinkIt! (, the K-12 education technology, assessment and data-management company, announced today the launch of Common Core Assessments, a readymade assessment solution for districts and schools with students grades 2-8 to accelerate their preparedness for new assessments from the PARCC and Smarter Balanced consortia, as well as to begin initial progress monitoring of their early forays into Common Core Standards-based instruction. LinkIt! is launching Common Core Assessments in conjunction with Curriculum Concepts International (, an award-winning developer of educational content in both print and digital formats.

With the launch of Common Core Assessments (CCA), Linkit! supports educators seeking ready-to-go assessments professionally crafted by one of the leading developers of educational content and curriculum in the world, Curriculum Concepts International. Following on the heels of, Linkit!’s popular solution for minimizing the hassle associated with acquiring permission-free high-quality reading passages for use on both locally developed and commercial assessments, CCA is yet another innovative assessment solution developed by the company to support schools’ efforts to cultivate assessment best practices and Common Core readiness. Only months after its official launch, has become a trusted source of searchable, high-interest passages for educators in 49 out of 50 states. The solution was recently named a Cool Tool Finalist for 2013 by EdTech Digest.

“Step Back, Leap Forward: a 2012-2013 Data Driven Instruction Survey,” LinkIt!’s recent survey of over 500 K-12 school principals and district administrators, showed an overwhelming 95% of practitioners are at least somewhat concerned with the students’ ability to read and understand the text passages required by CCSS, and 40% noted they were ‘worried’ or ‘very worried.’ The Common Core Assessments solution is designed to address this problem by assisting educators with easy-to-use materials that help successfully prepare students for the rigor of CCSS.

“Many of our partner schools have complained about the prevalence of publisher-developed ‘assessment solutions’ that were developed long before Common Core and somehow, seemingly overnight, became magically aligned to meet the new standards,” says Joshua Powe, co-founder and president of LinkIt!. “In an effort to respond to this concern, we started from the ground up to create new items that were specifically developed to measure proficiency on the new standards. Common Core raises the bar in terms of what is expected from students and it should raise the bar in terms of what is expected from assessment designers as well. Simply put, retrofitted content no longer makes the grade,” adds Powe.

Common Core Assessments (CCA) Features:

  • Assessment Specifications: CCA models item specifications after PARCC and SMARTER Balanced assessments prototypes.
  • Assessment Topics: Since Common Core mathematics standards cannot be fully assessed within two hours, CCA prioritizes content topics into major clusters and supporting clusters, as defined by PARCC.
  • Accurate Performance Measures: CCA offers three matched tests with 30-35 questions each so that they can be administered at different times in the year to accurately measure student growth.
  • Constructed Response: CCA goes beyond multiple choice answer formats so students can be introduced to assessment formats that more closely mirror the degree of complexity required by both PARCC and SMARTER Balanced.
  • Establishing Proficiency Through Consistency: Detailed rubrics and distractor rationales are provided to establish grading reliability and to enable proper interpretation of results.
  • Assessment Delivery: The nature of test-taking is changing. While these assessments can be delivered off or online, they are designed to be more consistent with computer-based test formats in preparation for PARCC.

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About LinkIt! 
LinkIt! ( is an emerging leader in the field of data-driven technology solutions with a simple mission: create the most effective, affordable solutions for K-12 schools looking to improve student performance through the use of relevant, real-time data. LinkIt! is focused on creating a simple yet comprehensive system for assessment creation, delivery, scoring, and reporting. The core platform consists of an assessment authoring system, a reporting and data warehouse featuring a dashboard-style interface, and sophisticated, intuitive analytical tools for tracking student and teacher performance. The platform offers integrated content modules including a standards-aligned item bank, a benchmark assessment series, and a library of intervention lessons available in both digital and print format. LinkIt! also creates custom reports for schools and districts, such as identifying students-at-risk by achievement level, teacher, grade, and subject, as well as progress-monitoring student performance and teacher growth. For more information on LinkIt! visit

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