Educators Overseas Branches out into SAT and ACT Prep Courses

Educators Overseas has diversified its educational activities with the launch of a global ACT and SAT prep program based entirely online. In an era of individualization, EO has developed a customized approach for each student, with tools that identify strengths, weaknesses and particular needs for everyone—no matter where in the world they are located.

Educators Overseas today announced the launch of a new online program to prepare students around the world for the ACT and SAT test. EO’s online SAT and ACT prep course starts with an individualized assessment of each student to thoroughly understand their weaknesses and needs. “We realized how different all students are and how their needs vary, depending on their academic preferences, intellectual capacities or their teachers,” said Christy Grimste, executive director at EO.

This customization ensures that the program targets exactly the areas that are in need of improvement rather than just an overall portfolio of topics and classes. According to Grimste the analysis then feeds into an effective strategy that focuses on the key elements identified, in addition to giving the student a unique upper hand and a competitive advantage when taking the test. The strategy is also tailored to make the student understand and embrace some of the particularities of the ACT and SAT tests so that he or she will take the tests from a different academic perspective rather than from the simplified learning process of school.

The ACT and the SAT tests evaluate how well a student performs in different topics, including math, reading, comprehension and grammar. The method that EO has developed works on the systemic process of understanding how to perform well in these subjects at the ACT and SAT evaluations. Rather than just understanding how to solve particular problems and exercise, EO’s method develops the knowledge of math and grammar principles, so that the students have the quickest and most sound approach to problem solving. This is key in a massive test where timing is essential. With that, even students who find themselves well prepared academically will likely benefit from learning some tips and tricks about how to improve their performances in the ACT and SAT tests. “When you look at the clock and see that there are only 15 minutes left, even the best student panics and a tip to perform faster is always welcome,” adds Grimste. Maybe this should make SAT tests less scary.

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