Alumni networking platform EverTrue scores $5.25 from Bain Capital, others

evertrueEducation fundraising and alumni network EverTrue has announced it has raised a $5.25M Series A funding round let by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn and Trunk Club CEO Brian Spaly. The Boston-based company says the money will go toward product develipment and team expansion in engineering, design, sales and marketing.

Founded at Harvard Business School by Brent Grinna in 2010, EverTrue is a graduate of TechStars Boston and a winner of MassChallenge. The company’s first product is an alumni networking app built on top of LinkedIn’s API.

“Tracking alumni and donors is a key pain point experienced in education and other non-profit verticals” said Brent Grinna, EverTrue’s CEO and founder in a prepared statement. “Without accurate data, it’s challenging for schools to support both career networking and effective fundraising.” Grinna, a first-generation college student, was inspired to start the business after helping lead his 5th reunion fundraising campaign for his alma mater, Brown University.

Check out EverTrue here.