Newly announced Activate ED consortium aims to connect education leaders with both jobs and each other

The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems, Education Pioneers and the Strategic Data Project have joined forces to create a pipeline of skilled professionals entering roles in public education outside a classroom setting. Announced earlier today and dubbed Activate ED, the collaboration aims to connect school systems to a new generation of leaders, managers and analysts, and is funded through as series of Grants from the Bil & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently on Activate ED’s agenda:

  • Launch a new site to recruit 1,500 new leaders through fellowships and residencies by April 2014
  • Provide a source for potential applicants
  • Create a national network of fellowship alumni which will include a platform where best practices are shared between alumni and education leaders, and will serve as a talent pool for potential employers

As of today, Activate ED features nearly 400 high-profile career opportunities, including executive positions in education non-profits, school districts, charter management organizations, and positions with state agencies and the U.S. Department of Education.

“Through Activate ED, we believe that we will collectively identify more talented leaders, help provide them with the right career opportunities and give them the training and support to have a transformative impact on the broader public school system and student achievement,” said Scott Morgan, founder and CEO of Education Pioneers. “Activate ED will enable each of our organizations to amplify our work to bring more top leaders, managers and analysts to the education sector.”

The three organizations have already achieved strong results, placing a total of over 2,000 leaders to date, and are combining forces in part because all have a presence in 15 regions and cities across the nation. Additionally, 22 regions and cities are being served by at least two partners. In the 15 cities in which all three organizations have a presence, nearly 1,400 education leaders have been placed.

“The participants in our programs all have a strong commitment to supporting teachers in raising student achievement, closing scholastic achievement gaps and getting more resources to the classroom,” said Becca Bracy Knight, executive director of The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems. “Now, through Activate ED, many more talented individuals will have the opportunity to learn about, consider and apply for positions where their managerial and analytic skills can make a tremendous difference in improving entire public school systems so that thousands of teachers have the support they need to help millions of students academically succeed.”

Each partner will manage distinct elements of Activate ED. The Broad Center is leading the creation of the Activate ED Exchange, which serves the collective Activate ED alumni network consisting of more than 2,000 former fellows and residents with a forum to share best practices. Education Pioneers is helping all Activate ED partners recruit strong candidates, and has already recruited 10,000 applicants for its own fellowships since 2008. The Strategic Data Project will continue developing, building and sharing analytical tools for fellows in all partner programs as a free resource, empowering leaders to drive school improvements.

“K-12 public education is at a pivotal time right now, in part because of the incredible amount of data which can serve as a rich resource for improving our schools,” said Sarah Glover, Executive Director of the Strategic Data Project. “In joining the Activate ED partnership, we see the opportunity to significantly contribute to improving student outcomes by helping education leaders capitalize on the ‘big data’ in their organizations.”

Check out Activate ED here.