Kids in India learning learning robotics

Building a robot is no longer restricted to high-end scientific labs, not for the kids of the millennium city at least. An increasing number of kids in Gurgaon are picking up the novel hobby of building robots creating a business potential for robotics workshops and instructors.

“The demand for our robotics workshops has increased by 50 percent since we started last year with more and more parents getting aware of robotics and benefits of teaching the same to their children,” said Vijender Jain, owner of Sector-38 located Vardhman International. It has been organising robotic educational courses and workshops for children in age group of 5-16 years in Gurgaon. Jain said the number of workshops per month varies from 15 to 40 depending upon the vacation time.

“The demand for robotics in the city has been significant. Earlier, it was only activity centers, now any school worth its salt wants a robotics program in their school,” added Tarun Bhalla, CEO of Building Blocks which has been conducting Robotics workshops in Gurgaon since the past four years. “We are working with more than 10 in Gurgaon,” he said.

With a healthy dose of fun and learning, these workshops make boring school-level science interesting. A five days workshop at Vardhman International costs Rs 3,500.

More by Mamta Sharma for The Economic Times of India.