McGraw-Hill math programs headed to Philippines

McGraw-Hill Education has announced a new agreement with Vibal Publishing, the Philippines’ provider of educational tools and resources for education, to adapt the company’s McGraw-Hill My Math and Glencoe Math programs for use in the country’s private schools. The two McGraw-Hill Education math programs will be adapted across 10 grades to meet the Philippines’ new K-12 curriculum standards. The adapted versions of the programs will be available for purchase in November 2012 for use in classrooms beginning in June 2013.

“In today’s evolving global economy, knowledge and skills in mathematics and other STEM fields are critical for student success, and teaching these subjects effectively requires locally relevant content that engages students,” said Philip Ruppel, president, McGraw-Hill Education International. “By adapting our trusted content and innovative technologies to meet the specific needs of the Philippines and other regions and countries across the globe, we’re working to provide educational resources that have the power to positively impact learning outcomes the world over.”

McGraw-Hill My Math offers an innovative approach to elementary math. Developed as a program where each student interacts with the text or online in multiple ways throughout the learning, My Math  offers personalized vocabulary, student created examples, online games, and downloadable apps that help students move from learning abstract concepts to direct application.  Glencoe Math is a robust toolkit designed to support instructors’ unique teaching styles and ideas as well as the needs of their students. Both programs align to educational standards that support college and career readiness.

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