Gates/Carnegie funded Shared Learning Collaborative offering $75,000 for open source education tools


The Gates & Carnegie Foundations have joined forces to fund two seperate $75,000 awards via their SLC initiative to whichever open source developer(s) that can build in-school software that aligns with the new federal reporting requirements for academic achievement.

The Shared Learning Collaborative, the initiative funded by the Gates and Carnegie Foundations and the State Superintendents trade association to build software to enable schools to satisfy new US federal reporting requirements on academic achievement has already built a dashboard application using a defined set of APIs and data formats. The next challenge is actually getting the data into the systems.

Instead of writing the software for that task too, the SLC has decided to hold events to explain its new system to developers, who will then be given the opportunity to create a plan for the two applications the SLC needs to get the data where it needs to go. SLC will award the $75,000 to the developer or team of developers whose application plans are judged best, and payments will be structured so that cash will be given both up-front and at certain milestones throughout the project.

More information is available on the SLC blog.