Startup Spotlight: App Store + LMS = Chalkable



Michael Levy & Zoli Honig, Co-Founders.  Mr. Honig took the time to lend us some of his insights on edtech in a Q&A we posted earlier that you can find here.


Chalkable is an app store/platform hybrid. The Chalkable app store acts as a curator for educational apps and lists them based on category in a web based store in which every user has a budget ready to be spent on the apps they want. The platform is a set of fundamental tools that includes calendars, attendance tracking, student profiles, grading tools, and analytics for everyone; students, teachers, administrators, and even parents. The platform has simplicity in mind, and special attention is paid to making the layout and user interfaces transparent and easy to navigate. According to Chalkable, the platform is the infrastructure that makes the apps work “the way they should.”


Chalkable was founded mid-2010


Chalkable was founded and is based in New York City.


Quite simply, Levy & Honig were in disbelief that despite the number of amazing learning tools, resources, and content avaliable on the web, nobody was using any of it in schools. Hence, Chalkable was born.


Chalkable is part of the 500 startups incubator program where it will present to investors on the program’s demo day, and is rumored to be in the middle of raising seed funding. Currently in use in 3 schools in the U.S, Chalkable is currently focused exclusively on the United States education market where it is expected to be in use at more than 50 schools by September. There is an annual fee of $10 per student for schools who want to use Chalkable, which includes a $5 app budget that administrators can distribute to teachers, students and parents.

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