Stanford offering 16 free, online courses for entrepreneurs this fall

Stanford University, arguably the best institution for entrepreneurship in the world, is offering 16 free, online courses with focuses in technology and entrepreneurship based subjects that could help anyone build and run a business. Did we mention they’re all free? They’re all free, to anyone, anywhere. Nine of the courses will be on the Coursera platform, while the remaining offerings will be hosted on Stanford developed open source platform Class2Go.

The following are this fall’s offerings:

  1. Machine Learning with Professor Andrew Ng, starting August 20
  2. Cryptography with Professor Dan Boneh, starting August 27
  3. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking with Professor Keith Devlin, starting September 17
  4. Probabilistic Graphical Models with Professor Daphne Koller, starting September 24
  5. Human-Computer Interaction with Professor Scott Klemmer, starting September 24
  6. Introduction to Logic with Professor Michael Genesereth, starting September 24
  7. Organizational Analysis with Professor Dan McFarland, starting September 24
  8. Writing in the Sciences with Professor Kristin Sainani, starting September 24
  9. Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 with Professor Tim Roughgarden starting inOctober
  10. Technology Entrepreneurship with Professor Chuck Eesley, starting in the fall
  11. A Crash Course on Creativity with Professor Tina Seelig, starting in the fall
  12. Designing a New Learning Environment with Professor Paul Kim, starting in the fall
  13. Finance with Professor Kay Giesecke, starting in the fall
  14. Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship with Professor Clint Korver, starting in the fall
  15. Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries with Professor Bruce Clemens, starting October 8
  16. An Introduction to Computer Networks with Professors Nick McKeown and Philip Levis, starting October 8