TeachHUB.com launches new back to school resources

TeachHUB shares First Day of School Activities Students Love which provide seven original, engaging activities for the first day of school to get the year started with a bang. Included are several goals with different ways to accomplish each goal.

TeachHUB also shares the real teacher blog entitledThe Top 5 Start-of School Myths. This blog post puts an end to the “old wives’ tales” and misconceptions about teacher do’s and don’ts for the first few weeks of school.

TeachHUB’s real teacher blog entitled My Classroom Design & Seating Chart Tips is full of great strategies for setting up a classroom to best engage students for the school year.

Additionally, for those educators who are stocking up for classroom supplies, TeachHUB shares My Teacher Survival Kit. Included are supplies broken down by category or sections and include everything from lipstick to duct tape. It is a must read for any teacher.